Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New World

These are the days of the new world. Or so it would seem. In a world where everything is measured in a relative way, it is very hard to say, that the world is new for me and new for you. The world is buzzing with the idea of the "new". "The new is what will bring us happiness" they say... But will it? For what is new today is simply the current form of change, and change is ever in motion, always a constant. Blending in and blending out. For what we define as "new" today, will be old tomorrow.
Change is something that everyone must accept. We cannot escape it... it will never cease. Change is what runs the world. It is the bringer of pleasure and pain, the bringer of the sun and the rain. Change is always there watching, through every child's birth, and every old one's death. It IS happiness and misery. It is only the moment which can bring us solace. It is the moment, NOW, which can raise our spirits... This moment is all that we have and is all that we have ever had and all that we will ever have. This moment is your life... and your life is NOW.